Member support

Our membership is varied with experience in many areas of the fiber arts.  Help is available from Guild members and we will soon have a list available to those desiring assistance.  You may use the Contact Us page in the meantime for more information.


The following equipment owned by the Guild is available for loan.  Rental charges may apply.  Please us the “Contact Us” page for more information.

  • 4 harness Harrisville floor loom
  • Glimarka Victoria 4 harness loom with stand
  • Eight harness table loom
  • Dorothy table loom
  • Display screens and stand
  • Warping board, warping mill and bobbin winder
Glimakra Loom


If you would like to put information in our newsletter please use the Contact Us page.

Guild Library

The following library items are available on loan to any member in good standing who has been with the guild at least three months.  

Books:  There is no rental fee on books.  However, because of the value and the difficulty in replacement, there will be a $30.00 deposit fee on some items.  The loan period is from meeting to meeting.  If you cannot attend the next meeting, please have another member return borrowed items or mail them to the librarian.

Videos are available for rent at a charge of $5.00 for two months.  A $30.00 deposit is required and will be forfeited if the video is not returned at the end of the two week rental period.

Periodicals:  There is no rental fee for periodicals.  Time is limited to two months, or meeting to meeting.  It is the borrower's responsibility to return it to the librarian at the end of two months.  It may be returned with someone else or through the mail.

If you are interested in checking out one of the guild's many books, periodicals or videos, please contact Karen Dearing prior to a meeting and she will bring it with her.  Her phone numbers are:  505-334-2669 or (cell) 505-801-1165.

Guild Library

Periodicals:  Currently available are:

  • Fiberfest
  • Handwoven
  • Interweave
  • Piecework
  • Prairie Wool Companion
  • Spinoff
  • Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot
  • Threads
  • Weaver’s Companion
  • Weaver’s Craft


  • Brown, Rachel                  Fundamentals of Handspinning    
  • Chandler, Deborah            Beginning of Four Harness Weaving                                          
  •                                        Introduction to Weaving    
  • LaLena, Constance           Weave Drafting - the Easy Way - Part I                                           
  •                                        Weave Drafting - The Easy Way - Part II 
  • McGee, Marty                   Alpaca Training and Handling
  •                                         The TTeam Approach To Herd Management
  •                                         The Wonderful World Of Lama Wool
  •                                         Getting Started With TTeam   
  • Van der Hoogt, Madlyn      Handwoven Fabric - Structure & Pattern


  • Atwater, Mary Meigs                 Weaving a Life
  •                                                Crime in Corn Weather
  • American Wool Council             Spinning Your Own Wool Yarn
  • Baines, Patricia                        Linen Handspinning and Weaving
  • Baizerman and Searle                Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition
  • Barrett, Clotilde                        Summer & Winter and Beyond
  • Bates, Susan                              Learn to Knit
  • Bateson, Vivienne                     Woven Fashion
  • Beard, Betty J.                          Fashions From the Loom
  • Belash, Constantine                   Braiding and Knotting for Amateurs
  • Bennett, DJ                               The Machine Embroidery Handbook
  • Bennett, Noel                            Designing With the Wool 
  • Beautlich, Tadek                       The Techniques of Woven Tapestry
  • Black, Mary E.                           New Key to Weaving
  • Bliss, Ann                                 A Handbook of Dyes From Natural Materials
  • Bliss, Ann                                 Rocky Mountain Dyeplants
  • Blumenthal & Kreider                Hands On Dyeing
  • Book of Looms - A History of Handlooms from Ancient Times to the Present
  • Boyd, Doris                               Tabby is Terrific
  • Brooklyn Botanical Gardens       Dye Plants & Dyeing
                                                    Natural Plant Dyeing
  • Brostaff, Laza                           Double Weave Theory and Practice
  • Botany Mills                              A Wool Primer
  • Brown, Rachel                           The Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing Book 
  • Buchanan, Rita                          A Weaver's Garden
                                                    A Dyer’s Garden
  • Budd, Ann                                 Knitting Socks
  • Burnham & Burnham                  Keep Me Warm One Night
  • Cahlander, Adele                       Double-Woven Treasures From Old Peru
  • Carter, Hazel                            Shetland Lace Knitting From Charts
  • Chandler, Deborah                     Learning To Weave
  • Chetwynd, Hilary                       Leno Weave
  • Clever Crafter                           Scrap Happy Home Decor
  • Collingwood, Peter                    Techniques of Rug Weaving
  • Cone, Ferne Geller                    Knit With Style
  • Cosentino, Geraldine                 Bargello
  • Creager, Clara                           Weaving-A Creative Approach For Beginners
  • Crockett, Candace                    Card Weaving
  • Crowther-Smith, Alison             Shibori Knitted Felt
  • Cum (publisher)                        Scandinavian Handweaving & Rye 
  • Davenport, Elsie                       Your Handspinning
  • Davenport, Betty Linn               Rigid Heddle Weaving
  • Davidson, Marguerite                A Handweaver's Pattern Book
  • Davenport, Betty Linn               Rigid Heddle Weaving
  • Davis, Jane                               Knit Ponchos, Wraps and Scarves
  • Dickerhoff, Brook                      Weaving On a Cardboard Loom
  • Dover Needleworks                    Patchwork Designs For Needlepoint
  • Dryad Press                               Hand Weaving On Two-Way Looms
  • Ericson, Lois & Diane                 Ethnic Costume
  • Estes, Josephine E.                   Miniature Patterns for Handweaving Parts I & II
  • Fannin, Allen                             Handspinning
  • Fee, Jocqueline                         Sweater Workshop
  • FellowCrafter Handbook            Fingerweaving
  • Fisher, Leonard Everett             The Weavers
  • Frazer, Kay                               Modern Stitchery
  • Frey, Berta                               Designing & Drafting for Handweavers
  • Garrett, Cay                             Warping All By Yourself
  • Gaudy, Betty                            Checkerboad Patterns
  • Geary, Kay                               Textile Design Course Fo Weavers, #1, 2, 3
  • Gibson-Roberts, Priscilla           Knitting in the Old Way
  • Grace, Barbara                          Inkle Inspirations, 1, 2 and 3
  • Groff, Russell E.                       Card Weaving or Tablet Weaving
  • Hamamura, John & Susan         Woven Works
  • Hardy, Sandra                           Handcrafted Rugs
  • Hart, Russell                             Photographing Your Artwork
  • Harvy, Nancy                            Tapestry Weaving
  • Haunani, lindly/Ashcroft           Artist at Work (Polymer Clay) 
  • Hendrickson, Linda                  Tubular Cardwoven Neckpieces
  • Hewitt, Barbara                       Blue Prints on Fabric
  • Hochberg, Bette                       Handspindles
                                                   Handspinners Handbook
                                                   Fiber Facts
  • Holland, Nina                            Inkle Loom Weaving
  • Home Decorating Inst.              Pillows
  • Holmes and Colucci                  Easy Knitting
  • Horne, Beverly                         Fleece in Your Hands
  • Irwin, Bobbie                           Twined Rag Rugs - ****
  •                                                Weaving Iridescence
  • Itten, Johannes                        Design and Form
                                                   Elements of Color 
  • James, HJ                                Posts and Rugs
  • Jensen, Elizabeth                     Small Looms in Action
  • Jorstad, Caroline M.                 Ethnic Looms
  • Kent, Kate P.                           West African Cloth
  • Kidd, Alexandra                       Beautiful Beads 
  • Knutson, Linda                         Synthetic Dyes Natural Fibers
  • Kreider/Blumenthal                  Hands On Dyeing
  • Kroll, Carol                              The Joy of Spinning
                                                   Putting On The Dog
  • Landbruksforlaget                    Veve Striper
  • Leclerc, Robert                        Warp and Weave
                                                   Cum Scandinivian Handweaving
  • Lesch, Alma                             Vegetable Dyeing
  • Lewis, Alfred                           Everybody's Weaving Book
  • Lignon, Linda C.                      Rugweaver's Sourcebook - ****
  • Liles, J. N.                              The Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing
  • Linder, Olive & Harry               Handspinning Cotton
                                                  Handspinning Flax
  • Loveless, Joan Potter              Three Weavers
  • Ludlow, Margaret                    Temari a Traditional Japanese Embroidery Technique
  • Lundback & Rinde-Ramsback    Small Webs
  • Maguire, Mary                         Wirework
  • Marshall, John                         Make Your Own Japanese Clothes
  • Master Weavers                       Dovecot Studios 
  • Melen, lisa                               Festremsor Och Gilledukar
  • Menz, Deb                               Color In Spinning
  • Mattera, Joanne                      Navajo Techniques For Todays Weaver
  • Mayer, Anita Luvera                 Clothing From the Hands That Weave
  •                                                Handwoven Clothing Felted to Wear
  • Meilach, Dona                          Soft Sculpture and Other Soft Art Forms
  • Morman, Theo                          Weaving as an Art Form
  • Museum Of Finland                   Folk Costumes And Textiles
  • Nass, Ulla                                 Weaves of the Incas
  • Norbury, James                         Traditional Knitting Patterns from Scandinavia, etc.
  • O'Connor. Paul                          Twill of Your Choice 
  • Oelsner, G.H.                           Handbook for Weavers
  • Ostercamp, Peggy                     New Guide to Weaving No. 1
  • Owen, Peter                             Decorative Knots
  • Owen, Rodrick                          Braids 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru and Beyond
  • Pace, Maggie                             Feltforward-Modern Designs In Knitted Felt
  • Pauli, Karen                              The Care & Feeding of Spinning Wheels - ***
  • Peaarson, Alec                          The Complete Book of Tapestry Weaving
  • Pianzola, Maurice                      Tapestry
  • Plath, Iona                                Decorative Arts of Sweden
                                                    Craft of 
  • Reade, Dorothy                         25 Original Knitting Designs
  • Redding, Debbie                       Learning to Weave with Debbie Redding
  • Reed, Tim                                Loom Book
  • Regensteiner, Else                    Art of Weaving
  • Reichard, Gladys                      Weaving a Navajo Blanket 
  • Robinson, Harriet                     Looms and Spindles or Life Among the Early Mill Girls
  • Rodee, Marian                         Weaving of the Southwest
  • Ross, Mabel                             Encyclopedia of Hand Spinning
  •                                                Essentials of Yarn Design for Handspinners
  • Roth, Bette                              Handbook of Timesaving Tables for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers 
  • Rush, Beverly                           Stitch With Style
  • Russell, Elfreida                       Off Loom Weaving
  • Saltzman, Ellen Lewis               Overshot Weaving
  • Schiffer, Nancy                         Pictorial Weavings Of The Navajo
  • Schurch, Charlene                    Sensational Knitted Socks
  • Scorgie, Jean                           Handwoven Designer Patterns:  #13-Super Simple Tops, #4-Outerwear
  •                                               #7, Simple Styles, #9-No Sew Garments, #1 Simple Sumer Tops, Table Linens
  • Sides, Dorothy Smith                Decorative Art of the Southwestern Indian 
  • Sloss, Andy                              How to Draw Celtic Knotwork
  • Simmons, Paula                       Spinning & Weaving With Wool 
  •                                               Spinning for Softness & Speed
  • Snow, Margorie                        Step by Step Tablet Spinning 
  • Specht, Sally                           Creating with Card Weaving
  • Spencer, Audrey                       Spinning & Weaving at Upper Canada Village
  • Spurgeon, Caroline M.              Weaving A Miniature Navajo Style
  •                                               Weaving A Rug Navajo Style
  •                                               Weaving The Navajo Way, How To Create Rugs, Miniatures & More!
  • Stasov, V                                 Russian Peasant Design Motifs For Needleworkers and Craftsmen
  • Sullivan, Donna                       Summer and Winter
  • Sunset Books                           Weaving Techniques & Projects
  • Sutton, Collingwood and
  • Hubbard                                  The Craft Of The Weaver-A Practical Guide To Spinning, Dyeing and Weaving
  • Teal, Peter                              Hand Woolcombing & Spinning
  • Thresh, Christine                     Spinning With a Drop Spindle
  • Thorpe and Larsen                   Elements Of Weaving
  • Thurstan, Violetta                   The Use Of Vegetable Dyes
  • Tidball, Harriet                        Double Weave
  •                                               Two Harness Textiles:  The Open Work Weave
  •                                               Handloom Weaves 
                                                  Peru:  Textiles Unlimited Part II
  •                                               Surface Interest:  Textiles of Today - ***
  •                                               Summer and Winter
  •                                               Supplementary Warp Patterning
  •                                               Two-Harness Textiles:  Loom Controlled Weaves
  •                                               Undulating Weft Effects
  •                                               Textiles Unlimited - ***
  •                                               The Weavers Book
  •                                               Weaving Inkle Bands
  • Tod, Osma Gallinger                Wool Stitchery
  • Tovey, John                             Weaves and Pattern Drafting
  • Ulrich, Laurel Thatcher            The Age of Homespun
  • Usher, Melodie                         A Perfect Warp
  • Valentino, Richard                   Fabric Printing:  Sccreen Method
  • Van Der Hoogt, Madelyn           Best of Weaver’s Huck Lace
  • Vandervoort, Diana                  Temari Treasures
  • Van Stralen, Trudy                    Indigo, Madder & Marigold (Portfolio of Colors from Nat. dyes) 
  • Varney, Diane                           Spinning Designer Yarns
  • Voiers, Leslie                          Looking At Twills
  • Weaving You Can Use - Sewing Projects
  • Weismann, Cox                       Creative Hands
  • Wells, Carol Wilcox                 Hand Knits for the Home
  • West, WC                                Anyone Can Build a Spinning Wheel
  • Wilson, Jean                           Weaving is Fun
                                                  Weaving With Style
  • Wingate, Isabel                       Textile Fabrics
  • Weigle, Palmy                         Color Exercises for the Weaver
  • Weills, Christopher                  Goodfellow Catalog of Wonderful Things 
  • West, Virginia                          Finishing Touches for the Handweaver
  • Winter, Mark                            Dances With Wool
  • Wool Edu Center                      The Story Of Wool
  • Worrell, Estelle Ansley             Be A Puppeteer!
  • Worst, Edward F.                      Weaving With Foot Power Looms
  • Zetterstrom, Ulla                     Manuel of Swedish Handweaving
  • Zieman, Nany                          Fitting Finesse
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