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                        Guild member are generous.  This loom traveled from Elaine                                                                  in Farmington to the Zephyr Cove weavers in Nevada.

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The Guild members always shine at the San Juan County Fair.  Above are a few pictures from the 2021 fair.

Eileen hard at work.

In August 2016 the Guild sponsored a workshop on pickup patterns on the rigid heddle loom led by Liz Gibson.  Some spent Friday night at Hesperus Camp and the workshop was held there on Saturday.  It was a great learning experience and fun was had by all.

Stanna and Caroline having fun.

Stanna and Caroline working and laughing at the Rigid Heddle workshop.

Linda and Vicki

Linda and Vicki intent on their work.

                                Fun and hard work at the May dyeing workshop!  But look at what we made!

We are workshops.  


We work hard!  And are we worn out!

Marian, Cathie getting started

 Marian demonstrates Kumihimo


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